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We are not here to help you write a better novel, business book, or screenplay. We are here to equip you — the author — with everything you need to skip the outdated publishing houses and unleash your brilliance upon the digital landscape.

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Indie Author Guides

Our Modern Indie Author Guide series of ebooks is geared towards helping authors quickly engage in digital topics.

Writing Awesome Book Blurbs will help you make sure your book grabs reader’s eyes, while Creating Fabulous Facebook Pages and Making a Killer Google+ Profile will help you get started on both of those platforms. Check them out!

Books & Beer

Many conversations about ebooks, the future of publishing, digital rights, and all these things can just get so darned serious. Serious is fine… to a point. There’s a lot you can learn by just relaxing and having a fun chat about a topic.

Since we (Evo Terra and Jeff Moriarty) are not only fans of all things digital publishing, but also big fans of beer, it struck us that these two things might go together really well in a rather lighthearted vein. The result is a (mostly) weekly online video conversation about Books and Beer.


More established authors are intimately familiar with the path of “traditional publishing”, but could use some very specific help in making the switch to digital. Crafting promotional copy, designing a book cover, setting a pricing strategy, and even finding your genre’s fans are all a bit different online. We can develop individual strategies and assistance to support your shift to digital.


Evo and Jeff both speak professionally on a wide range of topics, and can tailor educational talks for your group on any aspect of digital authorship – from writing and editing, through publication and promotion. If you have a group with specific questions or background, let us create a session customized for your needs.

It’s in your hands now!