Advantages of the most popular VR casino games

VR casino games are the latest trend is the VR gambling industry. This abbreviation stands for Virtual Reality, a concept in which gamers feel they are immersed in a real, different, virtual reality.

The lifelike feeling that one can experience casino VR games with this technology is really inspirational and can hardly be described in words. However, these entertainments are not widely available and not as easily used as other games in casinos.

Pros and cons of VR casino games

The concept of virtual reality is a comparatively new, modern trend, which has been steadily advancing in recent years. VR casino games are played when a player uses special glasses that cover the entire field of view, the VR headset. The gamer can move through fantastic worlds and thus participate directly in this environment.

The technology itself sounds very promising, but like every new trend, VR technology has its pros and cons.


  • Deceptively real environments are created;
  • Communication in real format with other internet users becomes possible;
  • VR casino games can be used for training purposes (training of doctors, lawyers, etc.);
  • Fun is guaranteed at online gambling.


  • Low availability;
  • Expensive equipment compels (the VR glasses prices reaches several hundred USD);
  • The addictive factor of these games is much higher, as a player is completely immersed in the virtual worlds. The reference to reality can easily be lost;
  • The technology is not yet fully developed so that often small problems in the game occur.

VR games diversity

Looking at VR casino games, one will find so far only a few providers who engage in this market. Those who do, however, have managed to release some compelling games.

VR slots

All the innovative slot developers, such as NetEnt or NextGen release VR casino games: Starburst slots are the first pokies available in the VR variant. There are also a few other games in the sector, including Jack and the Beanstalk, Dracula, Miss Midas.

The latter game mentioned here is a female version of a Midas legend, and as it is all about gold, the player simply immerses into the world of this precious metal. Playing this 25-line slot, he feels like an owner of treasures. Jack and the Beanstalk is the coolest slot for those, who adore fantasy and wish to forget about real problems for a couple of hours and even make some money during this time.

Table games

VR versions of Blackjack and Roulette now are offered. Here is the appeal of the VR game variants probably less in the impressive real graphics, but much more in the lifelike communication with other players.


As a pioneer in most casino games, poker is also at the forefront of the VR trend. Many VR casinos have specialized in this poker variant.

One has to admit that Virtual Reality technology still has some improvement options and that accessibility is still very limited.

Meanwhile, the advantages, which are based in particular on the fun, the grandiose reality feeling and the perfect involvement of the player in the virtual world, are great. However, skeptics say that VR casino games can be even more addictive than any other game of chance.

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