Quick and the Read: Written content to published author in six weeks

Amazon Kindle 2 by madaise

Amazon Kindle 2 by madaise

What’s the difference between a writer and an author?

Chances are, you’re sitting on a pile of content that you can quickly transform and publish as an ebook!

You’ve got most of the work done. What you need is someone to guide you through the process. You need someone to show you how to go from unorganized (but awesome!) content to finished and PUBLISHED ebook.

This is brand new stuff. This wasn’t an option just a few short months ago. But today it’s a reality for hundreds of thousands of newly-minted authors. And we can show you how to make it a reality for you!

You can be a published author.

You don’t need to complete a 100,000-word epic to join the world of published authors. There is a huge advantage to entering publishing with shorter works:

  • Shorter ebooks sell like hotcakes
  • You learn the publishing ropes with less pressure
  • Build awareness of your brand as an author
  • Develop and feed your rapidly growing fan base

We can teach you how to get published in just six weeks.

Really, we can! Here’s how you’ll do it…

  • You’ll start with existing content, something you’ve already written, but isn’t quite ebook-ready.
  • You’ll attend focused weekly sessions to learn the steps, content, and material you’ll need to finish.
  • You’ll complete directed homework assignments continue your progress between sessions.
  • You’ll have a shared experience with other authors to build your network and widen your experience.
  • You’ll see a clear path that leads you through the tangled mass of self-publishing options in the wild.

Will your content make a good ebook?

Kindle 3 by kodomut

Kindle 3 by kodomut

Heck yes! There is a growing demand for interesting, unusual, or niche content, but you must have source material to get started.

If you’re on the fence, step back and take a look at the content you’ve already created that could be worked into an ebook. Are you a blogger? Hobbyist? Amateur scientist? Journalist? Traveler? If so, then you probably have tons of formal or fun things you already do just waiting to be made into a great ebook!

Here are some suggestions for content you might already have:

  • A series of related blog posts
  • A collection of recipes
  • A series of steps/instructions that teach “how to” do something
  • A dietary plan
  • A long-ish short story or novella
  • A collection of original jokes or humorous stories
  • A collection of short stories
  • Several poems
  • Travel tips for a particular area
  • Your memoirs
  • A set of stories related to you from another person
  • Transcribed audio interviews

What’s included?

In this course you will get:

Six live, weekly instructional sessions

Up to one hour of live instruction via Google+ Hangouts. The group meets at the same time each week, and we will discuss practical applications, give real-world examples, and then work with each of you in turn to get you through the work necessary.

Professionally crafted curriculum materials

We’re working with an experienced instructional designer to make sure the course work we give you is based on sound educational practices. This isn’t just the two of us goofballs throwing out our opinions. Though there’s plenty of that!

Weekly homework assignments

Wait… this is a good thing?  Yes, it is. It will be much better than the homework from high school because this is work on YOUR book. Everyone works at a different pace, but our specific assignments are designed to take between three and five hours a week, keeping you moving forward towards having your beautiful, final, published book.

Small course size for interactive discussions

We want to give each of our students the time and attention to ensure success. That’s why we’re limiting the size of the class to six people. SIX. That’s it. Six of you will get personalized instruction each week to keep you on track through whatever is needed to hit that PUBLISH button in six weeks.

Connection with other Authors

We’re building a class for authors, and are looking for participation and interaction. We want people who will participate, share their own ideas and challenges. More than your instruction and your ebook, we want you to build connections that will help as you publish and promote more books down the road.

What will the course cover?

We don’t want you to signup without knowing exactly what you’re getting yourself into. To help guide your decision (because we really want you to succeed), here’s a list of the objectives each week accomplishes. This is straight from the syllabus:

Getting to Know You and Your Work

Get to know the other writers in your class, have a keen knowledge of other books in the “style” in which you are writing, and cover the final steps in the writing phase.

Building Your Bare Bones Book

Have the bulk of the content of your ebook completely written, with a logical flow and connecting elements throughout. The resulting document will be free of formatting gremlins and ready for the next stage of development.

Wrappings and Edits

Concrete examples of excellent introductory text tailored to your book. Your will also learn the best practices around self-editing and detailed guides for offline edits.

Cover Me! I’m Going In!

Craft the official title for your book and an exceptional cover, using legal assets and best practices to create a visually appealing product that is “findable” by would-be readers.

Sales Copy, Author Bio, and Test Drive

Complete your sales copy and author bio, and test run your ebook through the publishing tools to make sure it looks exactly they way you want. Students will learn how to examine manuscript for gremlins to reduce the chance of error upon conversion.

Published! And Beyond!

Book is published to Amazon.com! Learn to create supporting materials and elements as part of the upload process, as well as techniques designed to favorably influence browsers, increasing their likelihood to purchase. Suggestions on ongoing improvements provided, such as pricing and promotions.

Is that all I need?

Other than the time commitment and technological requirements, yes! But there is a lot more to digital publishing these days. In six weeks, we’ll have taken you from unorganized source material to finished and published book. That’s great, but there’s still more to do. You need to promote the book. You need to build a fan base. And you need to engage and interact with your fans. This class does not specifically cover those things, as we’re working hard and fast to just get it published. But don’t fret. We have ongoing classes, lectures, and content to help in that arena, too!

Sign up for our next class

We’re taking names for our next session, so send us an email and we will let you know when the next session is set to begin!

If you have questions about the content or any of the requirements, email us and we’re happy to help.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is teaching?

The class will be taught jointly by Evo Terra and Jeff Moriarty, who have an extensive experience with writing, digital publishing, online media, and all the rapidly moving parts of this rapidly evolving field.

Time and technical requirements

Here’s what you’ll need from a schedule and technical perspective to participate in the course.

  • Chances are, you’re a busy professional with work and life commitments. While we’d love to tell you that none of those will have to be set aside, that’d be a lie. Some sacrifices will have to be made. So set up your DVR to record the shows your normally watch, set the alarm an hour earlier, or go to bed an hour later. This is manageable.
  • Collaboration amongst students is key. You must be willing to share your personal contact information with other students, as well as engage with them on a regular basis.
  • Don’t miss a class. We’re doing this in real-time. Six weeks isn’t a lot of time, and if you miss a week, there will be little we can do to catch you up. There won’t be a makeup session. If you can’t commit, don’t sign up.
  • Find time to do the work. We did mention six weeks, right? Outside of our weekly lecture, you’ll be expected to do between 3 – 5 hours MINIMUM of work each week. This work is done on your own and at a time you see fit, but it must be done prior to the next week’s lesson.

Technical requirements
Don’t be a technophobe. This class is taught with a combination of real-time virtual classroom and asynchronous homework, so the following tools are required:

  • Latest version of Word (we’ll be working with the .docx format)
  • Google+ account and base-level familiarity (we’ll be using Google Hangouts)
  • A working webcam for video chats
  • Headphones or a headset to eliminate noise
  • Solid and reliable internet connection