The Quick and the Read

Written content to published author in just six weeks

What’s the difference between a writer and an author?

Amazon Kindle 2 by madaise

Amazon Kindle 2 by madaise

Chances are, you’re sitting on a pile of content that you can quickly transform and publish as an ebook!

You’ve got most of the work done. What you need is someone to guide you through the process. You need someone to show you how to go from unorganized (but awesome!) content to finished and PUBLISHED ebook.

This is brand new stuff. This wasn’t an option just a few short months ago. But today it’s a reality for hundreds of thousands of newly-minted authors. And we can show you how to make it a reality for you!

You can be a published author in just six weeks.

You don’t need to complete a 100,000-word epic to join the world of published authors. If you have a full-length book ready to go, you may need our sister class, Four Weeks to Finished. For everyone else, there is a huge advantage to entering publishing with shorter works:

  • Shorter ebooks sell like hotcakes
  • You learn the publishing ropes with less pressure
  • Build awareness of your brand as an author
  • Develop and feed your rapidly growing fan base

ePublishing isn’t just about books being read on computers. It’s a revolution to the entire industry and impacts not only existing authors and their readers,but also anyone who has ever had an idea to share, all the way to people who wished they had more choices to read.

Don’t let the epublishing revolution pass you by!

We walk you through it

Some people are overwhelmed by the idea of self publishing because they don’t know where to start, or what’s involved. We take care of that by taking through all the necessary steps, starting with the work you’ve already written.

  • You’ll start with existing content, something you’ve already written, but isn’t quite ebook-ready.
  • You’ll attend focused weekly sessions to learn the steps, content, and material you’ll need to finish.
  • You’ll participate in interactive, video discussions to make sure you particular questions are answered.
  • You’ll receive summaries of each lesson to walk you though the steps, and to refer back to in the future.
  • You’ll complete directed homework assignments to continue your progress between sessions.
  • You’ll have a shared experience with other authors to build your network and widen your experience.
  • You’ll see a clear path that leads you through the tangled mass of self-publishing options in the wild.

When it’s done you’ll have a complete understanding of how to publish your first short ebook, and lots of great reference material you can use for all your future works to come!

Class is in session weekly, when will you attend?

Six weeks and published… really!

“It does what it says. Six weeks to publish. I know there are plenty of people who have the desire to publish and the material, but aren’t sure how to throw the lever (or click the mouse in this case). Having it broken down step by step and live was huge. I’ve got a lot more tools in my box than I did six weeks ago.”

~ Eric Bahle, prior student, freshly minted author

Need more? Here’s what we cover

We don’t want you to signup without knowing exactly what you’re getting yourself into. To help guide your decision (because we really want you to succeed), here’s a list of the topics we cover, taken straight from the syllabus:


  • Creating a logical flow in your work.
  • Connecting content between sections (and your future books!)
  • Finding and removing formatting gremlins in advance.


  • Concrete examples of introductory text tailored to your book.
  • Best practices for self-editing.
  • Finding editing help if you need it.


  • Finalize your official title and get an ISBN.
  • Free assets and best practices for creating an eye catching cover.
  • Review how “findable” will your work be by search engines.


  • Complete your sales copy and author biography.
  • Test run your ebook through the publishing tools.
  • Learn to spot issues to reduce the chance of conversion error.


  • Create support material for publication.
  • Learn how to influence shoppers browsing for books.

That last bullet is important – we’re not just giving you information, we want every one of our participants to really be published authors by the end of the last session!

What’s holding you back?

Don't Wait!If you’re on the fence, step back and take a look at the content you’ve already created that could be worked into an ebook. Are you a blogger? Hobbyist? Amateur scientist? Journalist? Traveler? If so, then you probably have tons of formal or fun things you already do just waiting to be made into a great ebook!

Here are some suggestions for content you might already have:

  • A series of related blog posts
  • A collection of recipes
  • A series of steps/instructions that teach “how to” do something
  • A dietary plan
  • A long-ish short story or novella
  • A collection of original jokes or humorous stories
  • A collection of short stories
  • Several poems
  • Travel tips for a particular area
  • Your memoirs
  • A set of stories related to you from another person
  • Transcribed audio interviews

If you have a book you want to publish, the the publishing houses aren’t standing in your way. The bookstores aren’t standing in your way. An agent isn’t standing in your way.

Just you.

Classes are starting soon

Our next class runs Mondays from February 25th through April 1st. We have two different starting times at 6:00pm PT and 7:30pm PT. Choose the one that’s best for you!

The class is just $599, an incredible investment in everything you need to open up the world of digital publishing.

Sign up now, be published in just six weeks!

Get Started Today

The Quick and the Read class meets for an hour every week via Google+ Hangout. This interactive video chat is where we will review the material for the week, answer your questions, and discuss your “homework” for the next week which will take about 3 – 5 hours. We will send you the class notes in email each week, and add you to our message group where you can ask questions outside of the normal class time.

This class is only $599, and you’re not going to find a better investment in your future as an author because when you’re done you’ll be ready to publish. Each class is limited to only six people to give you the maximum amount of personal interaction with us.

Class is in session weekly, when will you attend?

We hope to hear from you soon, and please email us if you have any questions!