New online course – publish your book in just six weeks!

High Velocity Cheetah by Flickrfavorites

High Velocity Cheetah by Flickrfavorites

Don’t wait, get published!

If you have content, we can teach you how to turn it into a digitally published book in our new six-week online epublishing course!

Two of the biggest things holding people back from entering the digital publishing world are a fear of not having content worth publishing, and not knowing how to navigate the process the first time. Neither of these should slow you down!

Publish your short ebook

Your dream may be a 60,000 word epic you plan to finish sometime in 2014, but there are other options open to you right now. There’s a huge demand for niche content, and if you already write then you probably have something others would like to read. Here are just a few suggestions of content that you could repurpose into an ebook:

  • A series of related blog posts
  • A collection of recipes
  • A series of steps/instructions that teach “how to” do something
  • A dietary plan
  • A long-ish short story or novella
  • A collection of original jokes or humorous stories
  • A collection of short stories
  • Several poems
  • Travel tips for a particular area
  • Your memoirs
  • A set of stories related to you from another person
  • Transcribed audio interviews

Or take the first few chapters of your epic novel and start releasing it as a serialized collection. If you have about 10,000 words ready to go, this course is geared to take your short content all the way through to publication.

We’ll walk you through the steps

Digital publishing is new, but it isn’t difficult. Doing it correctly on your own is just a little intimidating to people who haven’t been through it before.

We will talk you through editing your book, designing a cover, creating proper sales copy, setting a proper price, and getting it uploaded and published to Once you’ve been through the process it will be much easier for you to do on your next book — or your next thirty!

Sign up now and publish your book!

You will get six one-hour-long online classes, structured homework to keep you moving, and tips and tricks to make the process as easy as possible. Lots more details on what we’re offering (and what you need to have ready in advance) are on the class signup page.

The first session begins Monday, April 23rd Tuesday, May 22nd, and we’re limiting enrollment to only six participants to make sure everyone gets enough attention. If you’re a writer and been looking to make the leap into publishing your own ebook, then make the investment in this class today, and become a digitally published author in just six weeks!