Author, promote thyself!

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“Buy my book! Buy my book! Buy my book!”

That’s not promoting. That’s annoying. Please don’t do that, OK?

You might be thinking really promoting your book is a lot of work. That might get you thinking that if you just give up this silly idea of indie, digital publishing and land a big fat advance with a publisher, they’ll take care of all the promotion for you. And you would be very, very wrong in that last bit of your thinking.

Reality check: the vast majority of traditionally published authors get little to no promotional help from their publisher. In today’s world, publishers expect the author to handle most of their own book promotion. When you think about it,  that’s not all that crazy sounding. After all, the author has already connected with fans, built out a mailing list, started blogging, cultivated followers on social media, and…

Oh, you didn’t know you had to do all that? Yeah… you do. Even if you land that big contract. So while you’re working on your query letter, you might as well start promoting.

Not like some pushy sales person, schelping your wares to anyone who accidentally looks in your direction, because that is NOT the way successful digital authors tackle promotion. Sure, plenty of morons out there are “that guy”, but we’ll show you how not to be.

More importantly, we’ll tell you why its more important to promote yourself than your book. How you can use elements of your book in innovative ways to gain an audience. What the heck “transmedia” is and how it takes your words right off the page.

This is one of the most exciting pieces of digital publishing. I promise you won’t be bored for a second!

Promoting is the fourth phase of our Digital Publishing Lifecycle. We’re covering a different phase each day, and welcome your thoughts and input.

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