Free Pro-Tip Seminars for Authors

We’re offering some free seminars for authors who want to learn more about digital publishing.

We want to make sure we answer your questions, so when you sign up we’ll take your questions beforehand, and hold a Q&A afterwards. If you missed a seminar, check below and we’ll link to a video from the seminar once it’s ready.

Book Titles – A Mixture of Art and Science (Part One and Two)

You spent months writing and editing your book. Are you really going to choose a title on a whim?

As the name implies, it takes a combination of both art and science to select the right title for your book. The art makes it sounds good. The science? That depends on what people are searching for. For those answers, we’ll turn to to Google.

The first of this free, two-part seminar discussed how to use free and publicly available tools to make the best choices on your book’s title, character names, and more. You don’t need to be an internet whiz-kid to learn to apply these valuable skills to your book, making sure that your book is found by potential readers.

The second part of the seminar discussed Google Trends and other tools to give you a better idea for what your potential readers might really be searching for related to your book. If you aren’t where your readers are looking, you’re not going to get found!

Date: December 11th & 18th, 2012


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