Curriculum for Digital Authors

LEARN by opensourceway

LEARN by opensourceway

Every author approaches the world of digital publishing from a different perspective, and every author finds their own definition of success from digital publishing. To help you achieve that success, we’re developing flexible curricula for busy people in a busy world.

Online Courses

Professionally produced curriculum designed for distance-learning. Weekly classes in a virtual classroom setting in real-time, with worksheets and assignments to keep you on task. 

  • Quick and the Read – Take your disjointed content and create a published short ebook in just six weeks! This class teaches should-be authors digital self-publishing skills on a smaller, more manageable scale. Topics covered include self-editing, title selection, cover design, ebook conversion, book launch promotion ideas.
  • Four Weeks to Finished – You’ll learn the exact steps necessary to move your full-length manuscript off your computer (or note pad) and into published ebook form in only 30 days! This class includes conversion, cover design, advanced ebook conversion and marketplace success tactics.

We have other courses in the works, and if you have a topic you would like to see, let us know!

In-Person Classes

Some things need a more structured setting, so we periodically offer in-person, hands-on courses of various lengths.

  • Conferences – Broad-interest events with many presenters covering a range of topics
  • Workshops – Full-day events providing a deep-dive into specific digital publishing topics
  • ePIC Seminars – Multi-part interactive events to give you hands-on experience on multiple topics
  • Sessions – Short events, hyper-focused on a single topic


We’re working to build a collection of ebooks with easy-to-digest information on all the different phases of digital publishing. Our goal is a series of tagged, plainly described books to help you pick and choose the information you need to get you out and published quickly.


Evo and Jeff both speak professionally on a wide range of topics, and can tailor educational talks for your group on any aspect of digital authorship – from writing and editing, through publication and promotion. If you have a group with specific questions or background, let us create a session customized for your needs.


More established authors are intimately familiar with the path of “tradtional publishing”, but could use some very specific help in making the switch to digital. Crafting promotional copy, designing a book cover, setting a pricing strategy, and even finding your genre’s fans are all a bit different online. We can develop individual strategies and assistance to support your shift to digital.