The Books and Beer Hangout

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Informal chats about digital publishing and beer

Many conversations about ebooks, the future of publishing, digital rights, and all these things can just get so darned serious. Serious is fine… to a point. There’s a lot you can learn by just relaxing and having a fun chat about a topic. Since we (Evo Terra and Jeff Moriarty) are not only fans of all things digital publishing, but also big fans of beer, it struck us that these two things might go together really well in a rather lighthearted vein. The result is a (mostly) weekly online video conversation about Books and Beer.

Join us in the Books and Beer hangout!

Google Hangouts are multi-user, video chat rooms and can hold up to ten attendees. We kick things off every (almost) Monday at 6pm Pacific Time, and chat for about an hour. If you would like to join us, add our ePublish Unum Google+ page to your circles, and watch that page Monday evening. Everyone is welcome to ask questions as we record, and you do not need to be drinking a beer to participate… …but we definitely will be!

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