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ePublish Unum by Sheila Dee

ePublish Unum by Sheila Dee

What is ePublish Unum?

ePublish Unum exists to help authors compete in the digital world of publishing. We are not here to help you write a better novel, business book, or screenplay. We are here to give you — the author — everything you need to skip the outdated publishing houses and unleash your brilliance upon the digital landscape. It’s in your hands now.

Who’s in charge here?

Evo Terra

For the last decade or so, Evo Terra has made his living as a digital business strategist. In short, he solves problems. Along the way, he’s become entangled in the publishing community. First it was co-hosting an author interview show that became a nationally syndicated radio program & podcast. Then it was launching a serialized free audio books service. He was even asked to write a couple of books in the “for Dummies” series on the topic.

Now he’s focusing on authors, leveraging his knowledge in digital marketing, branding and doing business online to help them ultimately sell more books.

The rules have changed. What worked in publishing a few years ago won’t work today. Because marketplaces for authors exist that simply didn’t a few years ago. Authors rely less on publishers today, as many of the tools to reach a wider audience are at their grasp. Success comes when authors figure out the right objectives and strategies first before choosing which tools to wield.

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Jeff MoriartyJeff Moriarty has worked the spectrum from running his own software company, to assessing information security issues, to performing improv comedy, to managing social media communities for a Fortune 100 company. Jeff helped develop and implement the internal Social Media strategy for Intel employees, and worked as the Community Manager for the external developer site supporting Intel’s mobile products. He has become a fixture in the Phoenix social media community, organizing Ignite Phoenix creative idea event and the Improv AZ prank and flashmob group, and leading the Phoenix Social Media Club. Each of these organizations have become highly successful in short order as a direct result of the power of social media in communication and marketing.

Jeff loves to connect people to new ideas, and helping educate authors on the expanding world of digital publishing is motivated by that passion. The barriers imposed by old-school publishers are crumbling, and the explosion of new ideas over the next few years are going to be amazing to see.

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