Quest For a Perfect Book Cover | Books & Beer

book-coverAh, book covers. A pain in the butt for most authors, and often understood. Or ignored. Bad idea. On this episode of The Books and Beer Hangout, first-time author Rose Gonsoulin walks us through four different book covers she went through before deciding on her final. This really shows the progression of an idea through concept. From amateur effort to final professional cover. It’s a fascinating journey, and here’s what you’ll learn in the 15-minute long video:

  • Why your nephew who fancies himself a designer probably isn’t the best choice
  • Why your spouse probably isn’t right–even if they know Photoshop
  • Why “regular artists” probably aren’t what you need either
  • Why you need a real cover artist
  • The value of making a book look great at the size of a postage stamp
  • How serendipitous meetings can lead to great partnerships
  • Key things to remember when working with a talented designer
  • How to give constructive feedback to get the design you want–that works
  • When to let go and trust your designer–and when to stick to your convictions
  • Recommendations to help finding your cover artist–the first time.
  • Char Adlesperger did the work

And there was the obligatory drinking of beers. Tonight’s choices: Leinenkugel’s Red Lager, Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout, and a Hopslam by Bell’s Brewery.

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