Digital Publishing Options for Short Stories | Books & Beer


Doug Lance is the editor of eFiction magazine. No, that’s not quite right, because eFiciton is really 10 different magazines that publish short stories world-wide. Digital innovation is at the forefront of what he’s doing, and he’s changing how authors and readers think about short stories. If short is where your heart is, you owe it to yourself (and your career) to check out this 15-minute episode of The Books and Beer Hangout:

  • How technology has impacted the short story market
  • The rebirth of the short story in a digital publishing world
  • The role of social media in short story publication
  • How short story authors can use the web to reach a wider audience
  • The changing nature of short story compilations
  • How the unknown author can use short stories to build a readership
  • New digital serial publishing options for short story authors
  • Selling short stories in the world of the $.99 novel
  • The role of editors and editing in the new world of short stories
  • How community curated content beats a gatekeeper every time
  • Immediate steps a short story author can take for success in the next 12 months

And there was the obligatory drinking of beers. Tonight’s choices: Epic Brewing’s Fermentation Without Representation, Tenaya Creek’s Tandem Double IPA and a Bell’s Lager of the Lakes. Tasty!

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