First Time Author: Lessons Learned In Self-Publishing | Books & Beer

First-time authors are filled with misconceptions and dread. Let’s fix those, shall we? Our guest is Eric Bahle, a newly published author who’s found success in not one but two published titles in the last six months. Please enjoy his Nathaniel Caine books West of Dead and Grinder’s Keeper. Here are the items we covered in 15 minutes on this episode of The Books & Beer Hangout:

  • Matching up your life long goals of publishing when you finally get published
  • The dread you face when you first publish, and if it’s real or not
  • Why authors move from “writing for yourself” to “writing to be published”
  • The reality of the learning curve when you self-publish
  • Understanding what you aren’t good at, and powering through that
  • Embracing your new identity as a published author, and how it’s not all that bad!
  • How to move from “writer in a group” to “published author”, and how damned good that feels!
  • The best tip a first-time author has for a soon-to-be-published author
  • Come to our free seminar “Book Titles – A mixture of art and science” on Dec 11th! (Sign up for more details)
  • Classes to help you get your first book published start up again in January!

And there was the obligatory drinking of beers. Tonight’s choices: Railslide by San Tan, Palate Wrecker by Green Flash, and a Southern Tier 2x Stout. Tasty!

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