Creating EPUB files with Calibre | Books & Beer


Calibre is a free ebook editing tool used by many first time authors. Learn from Jeff’s pain when he used Calibre putting together the curriculum for our Four Weeks to Finished class. That’s a great online class for the person who’s been writing on their book for years and just needs to get you over the finish line with a published ebook. Here’s what we covered on this rebooting of The Books and Beer Hangout:

  • Why do authors use Calibre to convert their book to EPUB format?
  • The importance of starting with a clean Word document
  • The right way to save your Word file so that Calibre can handle it
  • How much faster things get once you finally get to Calibre
  • What marketplaces can take the EPUB file that Calibre produces
  • The learning curve and the process required to make Calibre work for you
  • The most maddening thing about Calibre Jeff discovered that you should try to avoid
  • Whether Calibre is right for you, or if you need a professional ebook conversion service
  • The shortcomings of Calibre, and other software you may also need

And there was the obligatory drinking of beers. Tonight’s choices: A Spicy Pumpkin Ale by Indian Wells Brewing and Stone Brewing’s 16th Anniversary IPA.

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