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BaltiCon 2009 Evo Terra by Sheila Dee

BaltiCon 2009 Evo Terra by Sheila Dee

Audio books can be a great way to reach a new audience — and maybe make a buck or two. But how do you self-record and self-produce an audio book? Evo has almost eight years experience helping authors do that very thing, and he runs down the things you need to know. Here are the highlights of this 15-minute-long show:

  • What makes a successful audio book?
  • How indie authors without a professional studio can make a successful audio book
  • Why the ability to tell a story is better than having a pro audio voice
  • The edits you’ll need to make before recording your audio book
  • The first three pieces of equipment you’ll need to by to sound like a pro
  • Why you should stay in the closet — no, not kidding
  • When to ask for help — recording, narrating, or production of audio books
  • The marketplaces where you can distribute your self-produced audio book
  • The difference between Audible, ACX and
  • Three tips for authors thinking about recording their own self-produced audio book
And there was the obligatory drinking of beers. Tonight’s choices: Stone’s Mint Chocolate Imperial Stout  and a Mogollon Skunk Ape. Happy Stout Day!

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