Advertising for Authors – Is It Worth It? | Books & Beer

Advertising for Authors - Is it Worth It?

Artwork by Sheila Dee

Are Google and Facebook good advertising platforms for authors? Evo has over a decade of experience in advertising, so you’ll want to get his opinion before you spend your money. Here are the highlights of this 15-minute episode of The Books & Beer Hangout:

  • Self-serve advertising platforms for authors
  • The basics of Google AdWords
  • What kind of keywords you should buy
  • Why you shouldn’t buy your title or character names
  • Using Google to place ads in context on other websites
  • Great audience targeting options on Facebook
  • Easy changes that cause your Facebook ads to perform better
  • Writing your ads to the interest of your audience
  • Why sales are more important than ad clicks
  • When to use promoted posts to beat the Facebook algorithm
  • Come to our free seminar “Book Titles – A mixture of art and science” on Dec 11th! (Sign up for more details)
  • Classes to help you get your first book published start up again in January!

And there was the obligatory drinking of beers. Tonight’s choices: Jeff’s own home brewed imperial stout And a Ta Henket by Dogfish Head.

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