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Stop starving artists by mayhem chaos

Stop starving artists by mayhem chaos

Nelson de Wittis a 2x winner, 1x loser on Kickstarter. He literally wrote the book on successful Kickstarter campaigns, and he shares his wisdom with us. So before you try and crowd-fund your next creative project, check out the latest edition of The Books & Beer Hangout:

  • Why creatives use Kickstarter and not their own credit cards
  • How to learn a lot from Kickstarter failures
  • Ways to move beyond “friends and family” funding
  • The importance of planning for Kickstarter success
  • Should you have more or less rewards for your backers?
  • What types of incentives get backers most excited
  • How authors are at an advantage on Kickstarter
  • The importance of storytelling
  • When not to start your Kickstarter project
  • The power of video in getting your funding
  • But why you don’t have to be a filmmaker to create a great video
  • What types of creative projects work very well on Kickstarter
  • How to leverage Kickstarter to meet your goals beyond kickstarter
  • Why you still need to bring the audience to your crowd-funded project
  • Before you start your Kickstarter, you should _____
  • And the one thing you should never do on Kickstarter is ______

And there was the obligatory drinking of beers. Tonight’s choices: Widmer Pitch Black IPA and a Bad Attitude Two Penny Porter

The Books & Beer Hangout is broadcast live every Thursday night at 6P/9E as a Google+ Hangout on Air and on YouTube Live! Circle ePublish Unum on Google+ to watch live, and to join The Books & Beer Hangover right after the show to chat with hosts and participants live!

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