Help us get to South by Southwest!

PanelPicker logo by Zach Meyer

PanelPicker logo by Zach Meyer

Jeff and I have each submitted talks for SXSW ’13, and you can help us get picked as speakers.

Of the 3200 talks that were submitted, I have no idea how many are focused on digital publishing. There was some of this last year, but not nearly enough. We both spent a lot of time on our submissions, so we’re cautiously optimistic that we’ll make the cut.

SXSW has an interesting model of selecting speakers from their event. Public voting accounts for 30% of the criteria, so it’s not to be overlooked. Yes, that means we’re pandering for votes… of a sort.

If you can only vote for one, we recommend voting for “The Kindle is doomed because Superman told me so“. We don’t think the Kindle will remain dominant with all the different types of books out there. Comic books, for example, could develop into a rich, interactive medium if they had a device tailored for how people read comics. We want to explore the different types of books out there and how they could evolve with a custom reader.

If you can vote a second time (the rules change from time to time), then please also vote for “The Singularity of Books: Ink-lings of the Future“. Looking far into the future, what will a “book” even look like? Will it even be a single object (or file), or will it be an experience you have across multiple devices and formats?

If either get picked, SXSW picks up the tab for our admission. We still have to fit the bill for travel and lodging, but saving the money on the badge will help a lot. That, and it give us a chance to spread our smarts to the SXSW crowd.

Thanks for your help, and we look forward to seeing you at SXSW!