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New ways to get naked by Daniela Vladimirova

New ways to get naked by Daniela Vladimirova

Professional narrators Chris Snelgrove (Darkfire Productions) &  Veronica Giguere (Voices by Veronica) discuss the challenges authors and publishers face when creating their own audio books on this episode of The Books & Beer Hangout. Narrating audio books is becoming an increasingly popular option for indie authors and publishers large and small. Here are some of the juicy nuggets and choice bits you’ll takeaway from the show: 

  • How to use narration to get a tighter, better edited book
  • How audio requires additional edits to existing books
  • The difference between narrating a book and telling a great story
  • What types of books work best in audio
  • What POV works best in audio
  • What you need to make the right recording environment
  • How to use your body to enhance your voice
  • How to eliminate page noises
  • Dealing with multiple character voices that stay true to the book
  • Tips to help communicate the style of voice you want to your narrator
  • Budgeting to have a pro narrate your audio book

Oh, and we drank some beer! Beers! Jeff had a Green Flash Palate Wrecker. Evo had the Sheltownee Hop-a-Lot IPA. Veronica had a Sam Adams Summer Ale, and Chris drank root beer. Hey, at least it’s “beer”.

Want to hear from Chris and Veronica? Check out The House of Grey and The Secret World Chronicle as good starting places. And they have much, much more.

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    I think this is new concept for readers but quite interesting. And as far as i concerned i am looking forward to deal with audio books.