Books & Beer host J.C. Hutchins and Lynette Young

Books & Beer w/ J.C. Hutchins & Lynette Young

Books & Beer w/ J.C. Hutchins & Lynette Young

Our weekly Books & Beer video chat takes a big step this week with our first Hangout On Air!

If you don’t frequent Google+ you may not be aware of our weekly chat session, where we crack open a tasty beverage and discuss all things digital publishing. To date we’ve had open discussions, but with the Hangout on Air function we get the ability to stream the discussion to our Google+ page and record it for later. We’re kicking this off in style tonight with two guests discussing their own from-the-trenches digital publishing tales!

J.C. Hutchins is a 15-year writing veteran and successful New Media storytelling pioneer and marketer, best known for his innovative use of written fiction, podcasting, video and fan-fueled crowdsourcing to create thriller stories.

Lynette Young is a social media coach, social technology specialist, and a strategist for businesses regarding implementation services. She’s deeply involved in the social media and technology front, and is currently writing her first book.

The discussion will last about half an hour, during which we will watch our Google+ page for comments and input. After the discussion, we will open up the Hangout for another half an hour for anyone who wants to join in. We will post a video of the discussion with J.C. and Lynette after it concludes.

Books & Beer is co-produced and co-hosted by Evo Terra & Jeff Moriarty, publishing pioneers and craft beer enthusiasts. We Hangout every Thursday, at 6:00 pm PT/9:00 pm ET, and all you need is a free Google+ account and a webcam to participate.

Join us for a half an hour of good fun, lively discussion on the realities authors face in a digital world, and great beer!

Update: Here’s the link to download the show. Or you can just watch it on YouTube!