Great digital publishing education offerings in Phoenix

PodCampAZ 2011 - Nov 12 & 13

When you boil it down, digital publishing is just the next step in a long line of using new media tools and technology to share ideas. It’s the heir to blogs and podcasts, who each embraced new tools for creating, distributing, and consuming content. Digital publishing might be more formal and commercial, but the core concepts are largely the same.

The more you understand about those new media concepts, and the way they allow people to share, collaborate, and connect, the more effective you will be online. Just putting your book up on isn’t enough.

Fortunately, If you’re in the Phoenix area, there’s a great event this weekend to help you learn some of those concepts and connect with other people trying new and interesting things.

PodCampAZ – Great people, ideas, education (and free!)

PodCampAZ is a BarCamp style unconference, which means they actively recruit all sort of speakers with interesting ideas and perspectives, and it is not nearly as restricted as traditional conferences. Attendees are encouraged to explore new ideas and really build connections with other people attending.

Evo Terra and I will be presenting a short talk at PodCampAZ on “Intro to Digital Book Publishing” Saturday at 2:45. Evo will also be giving talks on “Life Lessons From A 7 Year Podcasting Veteran”, making a live podcast episode, and participating in a Podcasting Panel.

Check out all the great talks on the PodCampAZ schedule, and stop by if you can. It’s absolutely free, and you can register online.

Digital Seminar – Publishing and Promoting Your Work Digitally

If you want even more information on digital publishing, we’re excited to announce a two-session seminar coming up on January 28th. After our full-day publishing workshop in September, we had great feedback on which areas authors wanted to explore in more depth. We’re cracking two of those areas open for two-hour deep dives:

Each individual session is $79, which includes all the great content, a workbook, and a tasty meal. Attend both for $129 and save nearly $30!

Read more about both digital author seminars, and let us know if you have any questions!